The Inter-Divisional Teaching Commission (IDTC) is an inter-commission of the Division of Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science and Technology (DLMPST) and The Division of History of Science and Technology (DHST); as parts of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (IUHPST). The General Assembly of the DLMPS at its Nancy congress (July 2011) agreed to an earlier DHST (IUHPST/DLMPST/DHST) resolution to establish an Inter-Divisional Teaching Commission (IDTC) and its officers.

The Inter–divisional Teaching Commission wants to offer a website-platform for promote its activities, opening discussions, news and publications relevant to the History and Philosophy of Science & Education.
The Inter-Divisional Teaching Commission (IDTC) aims to:

  • Provide a high–level interdisciplinary World forum for research in the topics.
  • Provide a high-level standard of education/research participating in study programs, namely lecturing, workshops, supervising, as far as possible. 
  • Assist in the better and more informed teaching of the topics as a subject in universities and secondary schools where, particularly, increasingly Nature of science is a component of national science curricula.
  • Promote the utilization of topics in the university and school science courses, in programs for the preparation of science teachers, and in museums and other informal institutions and locations.
  • Show how the topics can contribute positively to a better understanding, and hopefully resolution, of some of the major social, cultural and ideological issues with which people around the world are engaged.
  • Combine the approaches of the natural sciences & humanities in the investigation of the topics.
  • Establish and promote co-operation between teaching/educators specialist, historians and philosophers of science, either individually, or as members of institutions and societies dedicated to the topics.
​Extract from the IDTC STATUS: Article II, IDTC STATUS, approved 2017, December
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